Tailor-made software – How Aucotec realises fast customising

In recent years, projects have become perceptibly more complex in many industries. In addition, many companies are internationally positioned and thus carry out projects at several locations simultaneously. With this trend, the demands put on engineering software have also increased massively. In this respect, standard solutions are rarely decided for. Rather than that, customised software is the means of choice. Clients therefore desire customising evermore frequently. Find out how Aucotec tailors individual customer solutions quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Applicable “out of the box”

First of all, it is not always necessary to customise the holistic cooperation platform Engineering Base. Some Aucotec clients apply the software very successfully in its standard version. In case they need to adjust it individually after all, they can just do it themselves if required. Engineering Base moreover possesses an integrated C#/VBA interface which makes self-made adjustments very easy.

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Recognising new challenges

Many customer projects have become significantly more complex in recent years. Besides the scope of the content, particularly the aspect of internationality makes quite a few matters tricky for global companies. Likewise, most users of Engineering Base work with a considerably higher proportion of integrated systems like SAP or automation tools. At the same time, Aucotec’s responsibility for the IT environment of Engineering Base is increasing. During implementation, this includes Citrix optimisations or performance analyses for instance.

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Focus on service

To master these challenges, Aucotec implemented strategic measures to improve its customising range. This called for internal restructuring and introducing new processes as well as recruiting new employees and providing further training. As a result, Aucotec can now draw on a powerful mix of long-standing employees with a large treasure of experience and young graduates with fresh ideas. These measures have proven to be just right. André Lidolt, head of the Professional Services department, assesses: “We are now doing more consulting than initial training and much more customised training than standard training.”

Broad range of services

Today, Aucotec customers can accordingly draw on a comprehensive range of services. On the one hand, this includes conventional helpdesk support, which is always an inherent part of the service. On the other hand, clients profit from extensive process consulting, customising and individualised training courses that include the client’s workflow. Aucotec furthermore offers development via VBA and C# up to complete project management. The service accompanies all stages from kickoff to go-live.

Always ready

Usually, standard software is planned to be further developed in fixed version cycles. A rigid corset like this is not helpful when it comes to individual customer wishes and special requirements. This is why Aucotec created the Individual Solutions Team. The agile team is made of a set group of experts who exclusively deal with customer demands. The Individual Solutions Team generally implements the integrations of third-party systems like PDM/PLM, systems for automation or customer-owned tools. It also takes care of import/export functions, workflow assistants and special data output formatting for customer reports.

From individual solutions to the standard

Some of the individually developed customer solutions are by now accessible for all Aucotec clients. For example, the Individual Solutions team was able to develop an ECTR coupling and a project status manager. Both solutions have now become standards and can be easily adapted by all customers.

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