How Aucotec helps to master the Energy Transition

Hardly any other industry is currently undergoing such a radical change as the energy sector. Find out how Aucotec is helping to meet the new challenges here.

Project volumes increasing, number of skilled workers decreasing

When it comes to the “energy transition” in Germany, the topic of grid expansion soon arises. The need for new electricity grids not only concerns the much-discussed north-south power line, but also smaller projects. As a result, for planners in the field of power grids the number of ongoing projects has doubled year on year for quite a while now. Today, a project planner no longer supervises just one project, but four to six projects simultaneously. At the same time, the time pressure to complete these projects is increasing. Whereas a few years ago planners had two years for preliminary planning in some cases, today they have to complete comparable projects in four weeks. This situation is made more difficult by the skills shortage. Many experienced specialists belong to the baby boomer generation due to retire in the next few years. This will leave a gap that is difficult to fill. Efficient engineering software that intelligently supports planners and simplifies processes can help to counteract these problems.

Electric wireing on a wall

Advanced Typical Manager accelerates planning

By standardization and planning using a modular system, planners can today save a lot of time. Engineering Base (EB) offers the Advanced Typical Manager, which helps to make the creation and maintenance of typicals as efficient and easy as possible. If there is a change to a component that is included in many variants, it is automatically updated in all options. Tim Sausmikat, Major Account Manager for the Power Division, explains: “In the past, simple changes such as cabinet lighting had to be very elaborately incorporated into all typicals. This could take days or even weeks. Today, this is done virtually at the push of a button.”

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Digitization basis for efficient planning

Planning energy networks requires planners to have precise knowledge of local conditions and the nature of the network. Since some equipment has a lead time of several months, faulty planning can otherwise delay projects enormously. A comprehensive and up-to-date database is therefore absolutely essential for checking the functionality and for reliable, on-time planning. Here EB makes a valuable contribution by ensuring that the platform with its data-centred, interdisciplinary and consistent approach keeps data always up-to-date and fully available from all departments.

Employees expect search function

With more and more digital natives in today’s working world, the demands on the way of working and thus also on the engineering software are changing. Tim Sausmikat notes: “Just as younger people today google in their private life, they also want to access information quickly and easily in their professional environment.” Since EB not only stores the data, but also understands it and thus contains object dependencies of the plant, the platform offers an extremely powerful and at the same time convenient search function virtually automatically. In the past, individual employees of many years’ standing had all the knowledge about a plant, but today this knowledge can be managed centrally via EB and made available to all those involved. This also makes it easier for new employees joining the company.

Unique cooperation: The Energy Suppliers’ Working Group

How closely Aucotec is listening to its customers in the field of power grids is shown by Aucotec’s Energy Suppliers’ Working Group. In these groups, Aucotec regularly brings together experts such as grid operators, plant manufacturers and engineering offices. The purpose of the meeting is to network and exchange ideas. This regularly results in standards, action guidelines and solutions, which are also reflected in the software. This makes it much easier for new users and companies to get started in this field.

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