Complex matters taught easily – Why expert trainings are the method of choice

Lifelong learning is one of the top topics in the modern working environment. Systems in demanding areas like engineering are becoming increasingly more flexible and complex while time to familiarise with the latest updates becomes more and more scarce. Trainings that are customised to the workflow of the companies ensure a fast introduction and open unused potentials to experienced users.

The IT used in the workplace has changed tremendously within the last decades. PCs and laptops have replaced conventional workstations. Together with versatility and usability, the demand for expertise of the users and pressure of time has increased due to clients’ expectations and projects. There is little time in the day-to-day work life to try out new or updated hardware and software extensively. A professional introduction to a new system ensures a fast amortisation and avoids costly and time-consuming experimenting.

How customised solutions are taught

Performance-oriented software training explains powerful and complex programmes such as Engineering Base in a clear and demonstrative manner and motivates participants to develop their own routines. Seminars that are tailored to the specific customer workflow are especially successful: The software does not any longer determine the content, but the optimisation of the company’s specific work routines is in the focus. During these seminars, high-quality teaching aids like PowerPoint presentations or supporting e-learning material is used. The consultant adapts strongly to the audience’s demand and needs.

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What are the benefits for new and experienced users?

In general, purchasing a new system should always be combined with a training in order to work efficiently and trouble-free from the beginning. It also makes sense to hold trainings after updates take place. There is one ELCAD update per year that makes the software more efficient, but also requires training for the extended functionality. Often the users discover all the new opportunities for the first time when participating in the training. This regularly raises questions concerning details or industry-specific discussions. Consultants and users develop best practices together so that training, customising and consulting become a one-stop service.

What is the right format for an optimal learning success?

Modern trainings take place in a productive learning environment that includes a suitable room, regular breaks and good catering. Whether seminars take place in-house or at an external location is up to the individual company. Both alternatives have their advantages. AUCOTEC offers a unique seminar format.

  • In-house seminars are highly recommended for larger numbers of participants. The time needed to travel to the seminar location remains moderate and small groups can be formed to discuss sector-specific issues in depth.
  • External trainings offer a very strong focus due to the clear separation from the daily routine at work. The exchange of experiences with other companies can also stimulate the development of new approaches. After the seminars, participants can pass on the extended specialist knowledge to their colleagues. AUCOTEC offers trainings in Hannover, Lauf an der Pregnitz and Leinfelden-Echterdingen.
  • With the “mobile classroom”, the AUCOTEC Academy has developed an innovative service. It allows for seminars to take place regardless of the IT equipment at the venue. AUCOTEC provides fully equipped laptops and software licenses in the required quantities.

What does the expert say?

Frequent trainings allow users to always make the most of the systems used and to exhaust their full potential. Harald Lengsfeld, head of the AUCOTEC Academy, sums up: “In the case of Engineering Base for example, special topics like master data maintenance, the configuration module Advanced Typical Manager, or the integration into other systems can be taught easily.” Hotlines or tutorial videos can be a valuable addition, but they cost a lot of time and nerves if they are supposed to replace a professional training.

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