How Aucotec protects digital assets and makes them more valuable

For many companies, digital assets are the business backbone. However, in plant engineering and mechanical engineering, their value is oftentimes underestimated or – even worse – not perceived at all. It is therefore not surprising that a large number of companies are carelessly handling their digital assets. Sometimes data is also stored in such a way that makes it difficult or even impossible to use. Find out here how Aucotec enables you to handle your digital assets safely and responsibly while increasing their value.

What are digital assets?

If you google “digital asset”, the focus lies on the management of media data. But digital assets are much more than just that. Basically, it is information that is of value to a company. In the field of engineering, this can be, for example, construction data, spreadsheets or text documents. At the same time, however, the mere possession of information does not qualify as an asset. In order for data to be an asset (meaning of value), it must be possible to make use of it. With Engineering Base (EB), Aucotec helps customers to turn existing data into valuable assets and at the same time keep them safe and use them responsibly.

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How Aucotec enables safe and secure storage of digital assets

With EB, all digital assets are centralised in a company-wide database. For this purpose, the customer’s own IT infrastructure or a cloud application can be used. If the decision is made to use a cloud-based solution, Aucotec offers a flexible hosting service in cooperation with mod IT Services that guarantees the highest possible security. This means that important data is no longer spread across individual hard disks, folders or e-mail accounts, but can be used securely, reliably and efficiently. At the same time, EB as the Single Source of Truth ensures that all data is always up-to-date. Multiple versions of the same document and the resulting uncertainty about the validity of the data are a thing of the past. With the multi-user function, working together on projects is as secure and simple as possible, even globally.

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How to distribute access rights rationally

Many digital assets are, to a certain extent, business secrets and thus the capital of a company. They should not fall into the wrong hands, which is why permanent access control is necessary. Sending digital assets via e-mail, as is often the case at the moment, is very problematic. Norbert Ott, Product Manager at Aucotec, warns, “Virtually anyone can read an e-mail, and access to the data can no longer be controlled after it has been sent.” With EB, the owners of digital assets have the option of using a detailed authorisation model to define exactly which users have access to which information. If, for example, a cooperation between supplier and client ends, access to all digital assets can be withdrawn at any point.

How EB helps to increase the value of digital assets

As the value of a piece of information is highly dependent on how well it can be used, an efficient and highly functional data platform can help to increase the value of digital assets. In addition to the benefits of centralised data processing and sharing, EB adds value to digital assets through a sophisticated search functionality that comprehends the meaning of the data. There are many examples of such an increase in value. With the use of EB, for example, a complete and long-term traceability can be achieved. If problems occur in a batch or series, all necessary information for troubleshooting is already accessible in a usable form. A potential recall action can be limited exactly to the affected batch and can be carried out quickly.

How EB helps with production downtimes and facilitates documentation

EB also offers added value in the case of malfunctions by providing easily utilisable digital assets. Norbert Ott states, “In the event of an unplanned production standstill, engineering data that can be accessed quickly and effectively suddenly becomes of enormous value as a digital asset.” Likewise, modifications are extremely simple with EB. Since EB displays the current status of a system comprehensively and up-to-date, the solution serves as a platform for engineering as well as for documentation. A change in the engineering automatically adjusts the documentation. Duplicate entries and inconsistencies can be avoided efficiently. This is especially valuable for plant construction, as the necessary as-built documentation is created as a kind of by-product.

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