Focus on Data – How Claudius Peters optimises workflows with Aucotec

Plant construction is one of the most demanding tasks in the field of engineering. To create an efficient, convenient and safe workflow, an engineering software is required that guarantees optimum use of all data. The company Claudius Peters therefore relies on Engineering Base from Aucotec and was able to considerably streamline work processes in many areas.

Engineering since 1906

For more than 110 years, Claudius Peters has been synonymous with engineering of the highest quality for bulk solids and processing technology. The tradition-rich company with headquarters in Buxtehude, Germany, has branches all over the world. A core area of the company is the engineering and the production of systems for the storage, transport and processing of bulk materials such as cement, aluminium, minerals, coal or gypsum. Another business area is the production of aircraft components for Airbus. As part of an innovation programme, Claudius Peters decided to use Aucotec’s Engineering Base (EB) to make the company’s own software infrastructure fit for the future. Since then, a lot has changed for the company.

A plant by Claudius Peters

Photo: Claudius Peters

How EB puts the focus on data

With the introduction of EB, Claudius Peters’ way of working has evolved from a document-centred system to a data-centred approach. This enabled the company to achieve the goal of linking data and tools together. The platform’s open data model now works directly with data, while documents are only snapshots of the current data status and are not used for engineering purposes. What used to be separate data islands is now one continuous data flow.

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How EB ensures consistency

Claudius Peters is also able to use EB so consistently because the platform is easily customisable. The company has further increased usability by adding their own solutions and can now use EB consistently from the sales phase all the way to commissioning. In addition, EB helps to ensure that company-wide software tools such as ERP and 3D work better together. As the centre for all data, EB also feeds Claudius Peters’ web-based service platform CATALOGcreator from TIP Informatik with data. This provides customers with live data from EB, ERP, PDM and DMS from over 8,000 projects.

How EB improves communication

Since Claudius Peters started using EB, all internal and external feedback on the system upgrade has been very positive. The shared data model offers a whole range of advantages. As the system is always up-to-date, it is no longer a problem when more than 20 employees are working on the same project at the same time. With the greatly simplified cooperation, the communication culture in the company has also developed positively. The new and interdisciplinary workflow caused process engineers and electrical engineers to have a much better understanding for each other’s way of working.

How EB shortens cycle times

The new data-centred approach also raised the engineering specialist’s productivity to a whole new level. It allows for a logical grouping of all components, modules and subsystems. Claudius Peters was thus able to carry out a modular standardisation which considerably shortens throughput times. A positive side effect of this standardisation is that it is now much easier to introduce new employees, and familiarisation takes less time than before. Overall, the company was able to achieve the goals of consistency, process acceleration and quality improvement with EB.

How EB makes way for industry 4.0

Claudius Peters is also well equipped for the future with EB. The platform provides all necessary data and plant structures for the future digitalisation of existing plants. In the future, Claudius Peters will also use EB to link the operating data and the error data to the engineering data. The potential of the consistent and intelligent software solution is far from being fully exhausted and will continue to provide the basis for continuous optimisation in the future.

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