How Aucotec helps a grid provider save engineering time

With around 280 employees, Braunschweiger Netz GmbH (BS Netz) provides a reliable network for electricity, gas, water, district heating and telecommunications in Braunschweig. Customers are private households, businesses and industry. The tasks of BS Netz include the maintenance of the distribution grid as well as its expansion and further development. Find out here how the company masters these tasks with the help of Aucotec and how it makes use of its optimisation potential.

Challenges for network operators

As in many other fields of engineering, the demands imposed on network operators are increasing all the time. The emergence of renewable energies and their decentralised generation require a fast grid expansion. At the same time, the quality demands on the grids are increasing, and the shortage of skilled workers is also having an impact on grid operators. This increases the need for an efficient engineering software. In addition to standardisation functions, it must offer consistency and ensure parallel engineering. In the case of BS Netz, it is also important that the software can be closely linked to other systems such as the equipment database and the maintenance system.

A power line

Aucotec customer since 1997

Since 1997 BS Netz has been an Aucotec customer with the use of ELCAD. In 2002 the company started using RUPLAN EVU. Since then, BS Netz has also passed on its own planning and project planning expertise to third-party companies. With the increasing demands on the company, the intensive use of Engineering Base (EB) was introduced in 2014. Michael Wedde, Group Manager Plant Documentation in the Planning, Documentation and Construction Department at BS Netz, states, “The switch to EB in just 18 months is a real success story for us.” A lot has happened for the company since the changeover. BS Netz’s customers benefit from the advantages of the platform as well.

75% less time spent on documentation

In planning, the operating company is increasingly relying on a functional approach. Specifically, this means the configuration of modules based on a modular principle, which form functional units. These extracted functions bundled in modules can then be used by the EB Advanced Typical Manager for automatic plant documentation. In this way, major projects that previously had to be documented for weeks can be put on paper in just a few days. A customer of BS Netz found a time saving of 75% in documentation. This means that the Aucotec solution is fully in line with the growing demand for rapid planning and documentation.

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Currentness of data saves 20% of time

BS Netz also benefits from EB in plant planning. Thanks to the parallelisation of plant engineering with a central database and application server, several employees can work simultaneously on one project without any problems. The consistent currentness of the tool contributes to a further increase in planning efficiency. BS Netz estimates the time savings to be around 20% due to the reliable up-to-dateness of the data. The fact that BS Netz previously had to use more than five different software programs, including Excel, also shows that the introduction of EB has made things easier. Now EB performs all of these tasks on one platform.

Fit for the future

Despite immense efficiency gains, Michael Wedde does not yet see the optimisation potential fully exploited with EB. “For the future, we would like to see QA tools for typical creation, standardisation in data exchange, circuit diagrams ‘on the fly’ for guided troubleshooting or mobile solutions, for example.” EB also plays a central role on the way to a completely paperless office. “We know that EB has the potential for this. But sometimes day-to-day business slows things down,” says Michael Wedde.

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