How Aucotec is helping INEOS to increase efficiency

Today, the Cologne INEOS site works with Aucotec’s Engineering Base software platform throughout the site in the field of electrical, measurement and control technology. Learn how Aucotec helps to increase the efficiency of the company, adds value to its data and facilitates plant documentation.

Important raw material supplier for industry

As one of the largest chemical groups in the world, INEOS has 17,000 employees and generates a turnover of 54 billion US dollars. One of the group’s sites is located in Cologne, where it is an important supplier of raw materials for industry and one of the largest industrial employers in the region with around 2,000 employees. In the field of electrical and EMCR technology (instrumentation and control engineering), INEOS Köln has now introduced Engineering Base from Aucotec (EB) as its software platform.

View of a chemical plant.


Efficient working required

When switching to EB, INEOS paid particular attention to ensuring that employees could quickly work with the new platform. EB was able to score here with its simple and intuitive handling. Simple operation is a crucial point, especially in the process industry, where enormous amounts of data are generated that could not otherwise be handled. EB also won additional approval from INEOS for the extent to which the engineering software was cooperative, open and consistent. This enabled INEOS to integrate all of its self-developed software solutions into EB with no problem. This is an aspect that cannot be taken for granted, as Thorsten Wirths, Head of Technical Standardisation at INEOS in Cologne, recognised: “During the tendering phase, Aucotec was the only provider to credibly convey that it could ensure a hundred per cent migration to Engineering Base.” Today, up to 30 users successfully work with the tool simultaneously.

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How EB increases the value of the data

Another important argument for EB was that Aucotec was the only supplier to enable the seamless reuse of existing data and documentation. INEOS itself estimates the value of the data at five million euros, so a total or partial loss of the data or restrictions on its usability would not have been an option. EB was not only able to fully guarantee the reusability of the data, but even to increase it. This is mainly due to the accelerated navigation and the greatly improved search function. So with EB INEOS gets a better overview of the planning statuses and plant documentation. On the other hand, the improved usability of the data also increases its value.

As-built documentation in no time

For INEOS, the matter of documentation was also of central importance. It is an enormous challenge for plant operators to maintain up-to-date as-built documentation of the entire plant. Often such a plant comprises tens of thousands of PCT (process control technology) points and millions of devices, lines, cables, wires etc. Together with a multitude of maintenance tasks, repairs and modernisations, this makes comprehensive and up-to-date documentation with conventional tools almost impossible. The “Execution Management” function of EB changes this. The function contains daily maintenance tasks and minor changes, which are promptly and rule-based transferred to the project. They are defined as modifications in EB and transferred automatically and with the complete object dependencies to EB after engineering. EB also significantly simplifies the documentation and planning even for major retrofitting. This means that the retrofitting planning can take place either in one project or in several external projects. External projects can be carried out by suppliers in EB. After the planning is completed, this data is reintegrated into the as-built project.

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