Hidden Champion Wire Harness – Innovation in automotive harness design

With today’s changes in automotive industry, the complexity of an invisible but important part of the vehicle increases – the wiring systems. To still ensure quality and efficiency in production, Aucotec’s platform Engineering Base is used for the engineering process.

Especially the automotive industry undergoes changes, some more obvious, some rather hidden. One of the more obscure areas that benefits from fundamental shifts is the harness design process. Even though these wiring systems are invisible to the customer and do not influence his or hers purchase decision, they are essential for the vehicle. Due to enormous developments in the past few years and a length of several kilometres, the harnesses can now be considered the most complex element of the vehicle. With the increasing demand for more functions, advanced automation and traceability aboard the vehicle, the cable systems’ complexity will most likely increase in the future.

Quantity AND quality?

Not only quantity but also variety challenges constructors, as original equipment manufacturers (OEM) offer their customers the possibility to personalise their vehicle as much as possible. In addition to the customer-specific wiring system, the increasing range of possible vehicle equipment is demanding for developers and producers. Research and development of these cable systems take place in several locations and they are operated by many engineers with various tools. External suppliers work differently yet again. To handle the complexity and time pressure while also meeting the quality standards, the individual process steps need to minimize interfaces. Ensuring this consistency of data without a break in the system’s continuity is important, since every error wastes valuable time. This demands a change of the entire process, from a document-oriented toolchain towards the development of a digital twin for the harness design.

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Consistency through Engineering Base

Aucotec’s Engineering Base connects all participants through a database that ensures efficiency and consistency. Additionally, the platform provides a clear overview of the great range of vehicle variants and options. A change in one part of the process is immediately visible in any representation of the object and easy to comprehend for every participant. This distinguishes the system from document-centred tools that do not connect the entire engineering process. Also, the platform automatically provides the initial data for all following stages where it is further processed and specified. Hence, the platform minimises inconsistencies and effectively avoids incorrect transfers as well as a loss of information. The transmission of all data and its representation in a wiring diagram provides the basis for detail wiring and splice-definitions. 3D integration then allows for an all-encompassing consistency up to the production process. Intelligent delta-management ensures the correct exchange between 2D and 3D data and transfers any changes made to every department.

From prototype to digital twin

The complete transformation of harness design into a digital version creates the digital twin. Besides the efficient system development in international teams, the digital twin allows an analysis of the vehicle’s planned functions. Therefore, the complicated building of prototypes can be reduced to a minimum, as the digital model can be used for verification of all functions. Providing a digital twin is only possible with a database connecting all process steps. To deal with complexity and time pressure in development of modern and future wiring systems, the data-centring is necessary. Thanks to Engineering Base’s simple integration into any environment, everyone can switch to data-centring and therefore the digital twin of harness design.

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